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Daily Inter Lake , CNA brings wedding to workplace

This would make that doubly easy. �I wish I could do this maybe once a year or once every two years for this. These guys, just to add a little fun to their life is great,� Worthington-Sisco said. �It�s the dead of winter, and things can be sad. But they aren�t sad this year. There�s going to be a wedding.� The dress code for the affair was simple: wear a white shirt with a red bandana. She said she knew all the residents would be able to get those, and still be comfortable and look sharp, an inclination that proved correct. �Everybody can get in and everybody is the same,� she said. Debbie Larson was one of the residents that made the trip from her room down the hall to watch the ceremony. She broke her hip a while back, and has been living in the center for a few months until she gets well enough to go home and be on her own while her husband is at work. She said that while what she wants most is to accomplish her recovery goal, events like this make what can be a painful process more bearable.

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